Friday, November 22, 2013

My first piece of Artwork.


Well, this is my first piece of Artwork! I saw this being demonstrated at a Craft Extravaganza in Wiesbaden, Germany a couple of weeks ago, and I was enthralled! I thought I could do that and I have got all the stuff she is using! So I went home and found a mount out of a picture frame and decided to embellish that! First of all, I got some corrigated card and ripped it into pieces, got my husbands gauze bandage and stuck that on, then I went into my crafty stash drawers, which I have many, and out came the flowers, leaves, heart, wooden butterfly from an old magazine and set to work. I stuck it all on randomly, (which I found quite difficult), washed it over with Gezzo and let dry overnight. Then I got out my cosmic shimmer sprays and blasted it all over, let it dry, blasted it again! Then I got out my pan pastels which just finished it off for me. Printed out a photo of me and my hubby at our Summer Ball and stuck it in the middle. Voila!! So pleased with the finish. What do you think?

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